Our Fav Songs, Winner of the Month, and The Problem with Choosing a Career in Music


Recently, I came across a young girl with amazing talent for singing, I could tell she wanted very badly to be a singer but when I spoke to her mother about how amazing she was, her mother totally dismissed the idea of her having a career in music but that it is more her "passion". Why does the profession of an Artist have such a bad financial appeal? If it is your passion, you should be doing it no? Well, so many fear the financial failures of artists that they never pursue their dreams.

A few weeks ago, I was asked to perform for a party (only sing a few songs he said and the location is an hour away). I was happy to oblige but when I spoke of payment, he said it was "volunteer". I politely declined and a joke was made that I was doing a Diva Tantrum. He then came back to me and tried to say he would make some arrangements and that it would be good "exposure" for me but it is not an engagement.. so, still not clear. His intensions were good as he wanted to invite me to this nice party and to share my talents with his friends and other musicians had apparently agreed to perform for free or next to nothing with the promise of "exposure".

Here is my opinion on playing for exposure.. If I was paid for all the times I performed for "exposure" I probably would be have made some nice money. Every time, people adored the performance but very rarely would I receive connections to another job.

WHY? you ask.. because I performed for free.. people do not respect you as much when you perform for free. SO PLEASE, ARTISTS, STOP PERFORMING FOR FREE!!! WE WILL NOW STAND WITH YOU!!

You must at least be promised something from your work. If we keep doing things for free, people will expect other artists to play for free and then what is the worth of art?

There are some exceptions to this, and that is, playing for charity or playing for experience. If you are a less experienced artist, (lets use a musician for example) then maybe the venue is taking a chance on hiring you because they know you dont have a fan base and they are not sure of what your "product" is. But, if you have already gained enough experience and you feel like your "level" is professional, it is time to be paid.

People need to spread the word that being an artist is not all fun and games as it may seem. It is an INSANE amount of work. Being a musician, I went to expensive schools, took expensive lessons, had to learn how to promote myself, have to rehearse, have to finance equipment/travel/food, have to arrive for soundchecks then concerts, have to spend hours on social media promoting the band, etc.. it is a lot of work. If you love It, its worth it, but that does not mean you dont deserve to be paid and it doesn't mean people can take advantage of your art. Please support your local Artists and encourage them by purchasing their art! Art and Music are professions too!! Thank you!!


( well, at least for the moment...)

Lucas:World's & song: Vice (will be released on our next album)

Favorite song: Crime of the Century by Supertramp

Cesar:World's & song: Vice

Favorite Song: Never Enough by The KVB

Henri:World's & song: Crazy over you (to be released on our next album)

Favorite song: Cygnus X-1 by Rush

Natalie:World's & song: Expose Me

Favorite song: Circle of Life by Elton John

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