Not a music person? You SHOULD BE!

Being a musician, music is my life. I assumed everyone listened to music like me but actually, many people don't listen to music every day and don't even know what music they like. Ive decided that from now on in each blog post, Ill give you new music to listen to! Feel free to write us on the contact page of our website if you have music you want to share!

Music is very important to have with you every day in every situation. SO many times I arrive at a person's home for a dinner or apero and they have no music on. Music sets the mood for any situation (especially good for stressful situations or nervous situations).

SIDE NOTE: If you do not have any device to play music (I am shocked LOL but there are many of you out there!!) , I recommend everyone have some kind of bluetooth device for playing music at their home. I highly recommend BOSE , I have a speaker of theirs and it lasted forever and the sound quality is amazing.

ALSO: you also should have some kind of platform you use to play music. I highly recommend getting a subscription to Spotify. You will support artists while having every song you ever wanted at your fingertips. PLUS, it has so many playlists you can find music to set any mood you like and find other artists similar to ones you like already by clicking on the "Radio" of that artist or song.GO GET IT NOW! You won't regret It :)

SO, my first recommendation is... Midnight in Paris Soundtrack (Movie from Woody Allen) , I recommend this soundtrack for a romantic dinner or a nice calm dinner with friends. It is quite nostalgic and makes you feel like you are in another time and place. ;O) Check it out and let me know what you think!

Let music change your life !

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Thank you!!