Age is just a Number..

Hello! We have an AWESOME Video to share of Lillian DuJour, the newest rising star in the Burlesque community, performing on our song "Expose Me" ! Her performance won at the Mille Hugh Burlesque Festival, Bringing tears to the judges eyes. We are so happy to have this collaboration with her, an artist who promotes "Sexy at any Age" across the globe. Having started burlesque not long ago, and being in her 60s (Yes, Im not kidding!! She looks amazing!!) she encourages women to be proud of their bodies no matter what stage of life they are in. Age is Just a Number! (Hmm Could be a good title for a new song? ;) )

So no matter what age you are, do not let this define you!

Being 32 myself, with my bandmates quite younger than me, I have the doubts arrive in my mind sometimes, the negative questions asking myself what I am doing here? Am I too old to be doing this? Do I look like I am trying to act younger than I am? I have had some ask me, how can you expect to have a pop/rock music career when you are a mom? And now, after being inspired by people like Lillian DuJour, I answer these questions with


Who made the rule that you have to be a certain age or look a certain way in order to do something? Who defined the moment in MY life when it was "Too Late"? NO ONE but ME can do that! My Grandmother was the most stylish lady I know (I often wanted to wear her clothes!) and she never cared what people thought and never let anyone define her by her age. She was so confident and proud of her body up until the day she passed.

Its is time we stop creating excuses for ourselves and just live our lives the way we want to live!

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