Eurovision, New Music, and Blogs to Follow!!!

Hey Guys! I hope everyone had another great week!! Last night I watched the Eurovision contest.. and here are MY thoughts..

First off, we have applied to be in the Eurovision contest twice, but we were not accepted and thats okay! What will be will be :) Some say that being in the Eurovision contest is actually career suicide. In some ways after last night, I agree, and in other ways, I don't.

I found that Eurovision really had more of a variety of music this year, but, most of it was the same old Eurovision style of music with big chords and a lot of belting. But, I was pretty shocked by the sound, as most live shows tend to use autotune , there was definitely no autotune here.. many of the voices were exposed for all to hear and for most, it was not so great. Which makes you think about the world of music now a days, as everything is about likes and followers , an artist can become a huge hit with their music online but what about when they have to perform live? You need to be able to perform, to sing your heart out, and this I didn't really hear last night. I found the performance from The Netherlands to be more raw, and real which I think people appreciated. He appeared more as a musician and performer. The "sound" was also way better for him. The song also contained KEY ELEMENTS which predict a killer song.

1) Quiet moments with only piano and voice

2) A subject most people can relate to -plays on your emotions

3) A Climax point , where you feel you have reached the top

4) Expansion on the Climax , adding many elements at the end (usually strings in pop)

5) A quiet release

So, to sum Eurovision up, I think that if you stay true to you, and give a great performance vocally and emotionally, you can succeed and get great visibility for your work. If you do not do so well, it could end up placing you in a category, in which you will then need to find a way to reinvent yourself. Thinking about all this is making me think about my "France has got Talent" audition and how they (the production team) keep trying to contact me to be on the show.. and my hesitation with it because of how I will be portrayed.. could this help me or hurt me?

On another note, Cesar Presented new music in our rehearsal last week and what a surprise.. as he started to play this Bossa Nova melody on the guitar I thought right away "omg he was influenced by the Bossa nova group who opened for us at our last concert and now we are going to take another musical turn, how can I possibly interpret this with my voice?!!" but.. as he continued to play, the chords took a turn and so I first got the understanding of the structure and then Lucas and I attacked the song. What came out was unexpected.. and amazing.. Lucas twisted the song with the rhythm and I found inspiration for my vocals. Guess you will have to come on June 28 if you want to hear it live for the first time..there IS a chance we might play it ;)

Lastly, a little advice for those who are musicians, looking for a little help, of course, as a musician your goal is to make a living from your work, but how to do that? Let me share a blog with you , that I find to be the MOST helpful ;) This girl knows her stuff and shares so much helpful info!!


Have a great week guys and please, if you are not following us on Spotify, please go there now and click FOLLOW! :) It helps us SO much!! Big Kisses to all of you!!