Take a Decision!!

Hey Guys! Hope You all had a great week! I came across this video on Spotify for Artists.. Cyndi Lauper Shares what the greatest advice she ever received was and.. I think for me, It is exactly what I needed to hear!

This week I have been contemplating my frustrations over wanting to put out a lot of music. I can feel that I have many songs inside that I want to share.. I come up with new melodies every day. I feel like I need to get them out of me, but I am stuck on the HOW. I think many people can relate to this feeling , of knowing what it is you want to do but as soon as you start thinking about all the steps it will take to get there or start doubting if how you will do it will be good enough, you get blocked and run and turn on Netflix! lol

Tony Robbins is a big mentor for me , since September when I started to feel myself getting lost. I Looked on youtube for motivational speakers and there he was. I didn't really know who he was but oh how he has now changed my life. I highly recommend checking him out! He talks all the time about TAKING DECISIONS. This is what defines your life. The key part of this, is the "Taking" part. To achieve massive action , you must take a decision. Its like picking a colour you want to paint your house, you know that you have to paint it so eventually you have to just pick the colour even if you are not totally sure about it, you make a decision and then end up feeling good about having taken that decision and even if later you realise it was the wrong one, it doesn't matter because you learned and you can now make another one.

To bridge Tony Robbins with what Cyndi Says, you just need to get it out of you, all the "crap" , just do, don't judge yourself. Take a decision and just go!

Hope you guys liked this post and please keep June 28 in your agenda, Indie Music Concert at Moulin Rouge in Geneva, Switzerland!! We will see you there!

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