Fight your fears and play to your audience and space ;)

pic from Barakason Concert in Geneva by photographer Malo Liechti

Hey Guys! Hope you had a great week! Our concert at Codebar on Friday went great! If you would like to see a clip of it, check out our Facebook page!


Every time you get on stage you learn something new. We decided for this concert to use samples from the computer to replace what Sebastien normally plays on the keys.. which we have now decided was not the best idea. Maybe on a bigger stage but this didn't work out so much. SO, lesson number one learned, adapt yourself to the space. The space called for a more intimate concert which we could have done more acoustically.

Lesson number two, fight your fears. It has always been my biggest fear to play the piano on stage.. don't ask.. I have played Beethoven and Mozart but my gosh if I have to do it In front of people, I freeze lol. So, I had to put my fear aside and play a bit for the concert, It turned out fine and I think with more practice I could be comfortable to play in other concerts. So, put your fears aside people, theres nothing to be afraid of :)

Next Concert June 28 in Geneva!! See you Nuggets there!!! ;)