Do you suffer from addiction?

Lately, I have had two people pass away from addiction to drugs. These people were close to my family when I was young. It is like my childhood is melting away. All these beautiful hearts have been taken by something that became stronger than them. Most of us know what addiction is in some shape or form. But, drugs have become an overwhelming problem. Taking the lives of so many innocents. This is one of the first songs I ever wrote. It is called "Ball and Chain" and it is about addiction. A close friend of mine was suffering from addiction and I saw what it can do to a person.. This recording was done as we were first playing the song together as a group so please excuse the laughing. Actually, you can hear me after the piano solo say with some uncomfortable laughter "That was really good.." bc I was kind of taken by surprise by Sebastien who played this extraordinary intro that came out of no where. Each musician added their touch.. here is a sneak listen and stay tuned for when we will release the fully produced version!!

Thank you!