WTF do you do to get fans?!

Haha, so , how to get fans.. this is a good question which we have been faced with now that we have started to do more live shows. We are located in Geneva, Switzerland, which is a beautiful region but the culture is very different. As I (Natalie) am also slightly experienced in organising events, I find it hard to get people to go out! People are used to going on holiday on weekends. So, how to get people to come out to your shows??!! This past concert we played at Barakason in Geneva, a really cool venue a bit hipster with board games people can play and sofas to hang out. We played at 12am.. not the best time to get your friends to come out.. in other cities it would be the perfect time but here, forget it. So, I sent out millions of messages to people on WhatsApp and Facebook, encouraging them to come out but unfortunately.. nothing.. although many said they would come.. nada.. That was definitely my first disappointment with a concert. How to get on stage after that and play for a very small crowd? When we arrived on stage there were only a few people in the public.. dead empty. We could have taken the sad route, felt bad for ourselves and just continued on with the concert with not much energy, but , I started shouting for people to come who were hanging out by the bar talking and we played with a super energy! People came over and started dancing and really enjoyed the concert. Although it was not many people, you could see on their faces that they were loving it and that meant everything. Afterwards we got great compliments like someone who compared our song, Look at the stars, to a song of Pink Floyd!! And he was right it sounded a lot like Pink Floyd which is strange because Pink Floyd has never been an influence for me but Coldplay has and so perhaps Coldplay was influenced by Pink Floyd! Anyways, going off topic haha. HOW TO GET FANS!? For this gig, I made a sign that said "Follow Us" with our contact info. It was a little last minute and kind of looks like a 4years old made it so not the best sign but better than nothing! haha When I lived in New York, all the bands did this at their gigs and sold CDs. It works well because people really will follow you if they like the music! And those people are the ones that will come back and bring their friends who are just as motivated as them. And these days it is more important to have followers on social media than to physically sell your art. SO, in conclusion, In order to GET FANS , concentrate on the people that are already there at your concert! Your friends who you have asked a million times to come out and see you and yet they never show up are not the ones to focus on. They love you, they will always be there for you but going to your concert is not on their priority list and that is okay! They will probably be the ones front and center when you are playing at Paleo Festival! (Big Music Festival here in Switzerland) ;) For now, focusing on getting new fans, ones that will follow you because they believe in you and love the music and once you have a handful of those, the others will follow! Good luck fellow musicians!! Be sure to stay in touch!! xoxoxox Natalie