Why Should You Follow us?


We are "World's &" and this is a little message to thank you for following us!! We are an Indie Band Located in Geneva, Switzerland. We are happy to have your contact and to share our music (our hearts) with you. We hope you find something in our music that touches you, inspires you, and helps you in your life! Many of our songs speak about real issues. One of our newest songs which will be released on the next album, is called "Ocean" A part of the world that we don't know, a place we destroy but can't let go. We hope you enjoy our updates! In our blog, We will be happy to share many things such as secrets for improving YOUR band or ART and even vocal tips and secrets for singing and of course, keep your updated on our music and what we are doing!!

Thank you again for all your support, it means everything to us!!


World's &