WHO we are

You might be wondering who we are. In every song, in every melody , we discover who we are and we hope you do too. This is what we are about. Our music usually starts by a melody which may come to one of us on the street (one time I heard Swan Lake playing at an ice skating rink and it inspired me to write "Anxiety") or in a dream and then the lyrics come out of that melody. I've often been shocked by my own lyrics. Bruno will have created a melody and he brings it to me and I just start writing words but the words are sometimes not what I am expecting. What I thought would be a cool and edgy song ends up being something quite depressing lol. It is strange because I could be in the best mood ever but whatever comes out just comes out. It is like I can't control my words. I am almost possessed by the melody. So, to say WHO we are would be difficult because, we can't define ourselves, which is why our name is "World's &" , We are not an ending (World's end) but a beginning, a beginning of something new and will always remain a new beginning.