May 12, 2019

Hey Guys! Hope You all had a great week! I came across this video on Spotify for Artists.. Cyndi Lauper Shares what the greatest advice she ever received was and.. I think for me,  It is exactly what I needed to hear! 

  This week I have been contemplating my frustrations over wanting to put out a lot of music. I can feel that I have many songs inside t...

May 5, 2019

Hey Guys! Hope you had a great week! Our concert at Codebar on Friday went great! If you would like to see a clip of it, check out our Facebook page!

Every time you get on stage you learn something new. We decided for this concert to use samples from the computer to replace what Sebastien normally plays on the ke...

April 30, 2019

For those of you living in Geneva, We have a special concert this Friday at "Code Bar" more info here:

Unfortunately Sebastien Olivier (Our Keyboard player) is away working on a BIG boat out on the ocean for one whole month!! (but what a cool experience!!) We will have to share his adventure when he gets back :) 

We will have a coupl...

April 18, 2019

Lately, I have had two people pass away from addiction to drugs. These people were close to my family when I was young. It is like my childhood is melting away. All these beautiful hearts have been taken by something that became stronger than them. Most of us know what addiction is in some shape or form. But, drugs have become an overwhelming problem. Takin...

April 11, 2019

 Concours!! Contest!!

Are you an Artist? Do you like to paint or draw?? 

We are holding a Contest for Ages 3+ !!

Paint or draw a picture of "The Ocean" and the WINNER's art will be the cover of our Single, "Ocean". They will also win a "World's &" Sweater, a digital copy of our EP and a special note from us!! 



April 7, 2019

Check us out, The Band World's &

April 7, 2019

Haha, so , how to get fans.. this is a good question which we have been faced with now that we have started to do more live shows. We are located in Geneva, Switzerland, which is a beautiful region but the culture is very different. As I (Natalie) am also slightly experienced in organising events, I find it hard to get people to go out! People are used to g...

March 12, 2017

You might be wondering who we are.   In every song, in every melody , we discover who we are and we hope you do too.  This is what we are about. Our music usually starts by a melody which may come to one of us on the street (one time I heard Swan Lake playing at an ice skating rink and it inspired me to write "Anxiety") or in a dream and then the lyrics com...

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