World's & is an Indie Pop Rock Band that was formed in 2016 in Geneva, Switzerland.  They released their EP "Expose US" in 2018 and their song "Miami Skies" has been heard on RETE3 Radio. Their song "Expose me" has had lots of success with fans and is used in burlesque acts with International Performers such as Lillian DuJour. They were recently filmed for Leman Bleu TV's Megaphone series for new artists. The band is now Natalie Anston (Vocals), Cesar Dyrberg (Guitar), Romain Corne

 (Bass) , and Lucas Innocenti (Drums).


Natalie Anston- Vocals 

Born in Tampa, Florida, Natalie moved to Geneva, Switzerland in 2009 and studied Opera at Conservatorie de Musique de Geneve. She is a vocal coach at Simply Theatre school for kids and also performs with her classical project "Piano Con Voce". She enjoys writing music for World's .


Lucas Innocenti is a young drummer, inspired by jazz but also by rock music  Student of ETM, he graduated in 2018. It is during this time he played with different bands such as "Not Yet" where he made his first recordings. In the end of 2018 he joined World's & where his creativity could be sparked even farther.


Cesar is a musician that started playing the electric guitar in his early teenage years. He had many diverse genres as source of inspiration, from atmospheric indie rock all the way to heavy metal, reggae and classical music.  As soon as he mastered a few chords he started composing his own songs, always searching to be creative. As he grew up, he wanted to be involved in music and sound as much as he could possibly be and took sound engineering courses in order to be able to record his own songs. Currently studying at "ETM - Ecole des Technologies et des Musiques Actuelles", he daily tries to progress as an artist and he keeps practising with his two main bands: World's & and Sedless.